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At Bella Cavalli Farms, we enjoy not only fine wine but good food as well. Here
are some gourmet food products that we think you, your friends and family will
enjoy too!

Our online ordering system currently only accepts orders for shipping within the U.S.
For those gourmet food connoisseurs living outside the U.S., please contact us
first for international shipping rates.

Bella Cavalli Gourmet Olive Oil

Oil and Vinegar


$21.00/bottle (+ S&H)

Bella Cavalli Gourmet Olive Oil

An original and special Italian Blended Olive Oil prepared at the Bella Cavalli Ranch from Frantolo, Leccino, Pendolino and Maurino varietals grown in their private groves. These olives are all hand picked at the perfect time of maturity and then cold pressed only once to insure the highest quality of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Bella Cavalli Gourmet Balsamic Vinegar

Our California-style premium balsamic vinegar is hand-crafted in small batches and offers a rich, plummy, sweet taste with a smooth flavor.

Bella Cavalli Fruit Jams

Fruit Jams

Delicious fruits, juices and their essence from the Bella Cavalli Winery combined with spices into a savory spread that sparks your taste and turns biscuits, toast and other simple foods into a feast! Scrumptious on yogurt or alongside your bacon, they make a ranch breakfast a real banquet.


$10.00/jar (+ S&H)

Strawberry Jam



Blueberry Jam


Blackberry Jam (Seedless)


Peach Jam


Fig Jam

Bella Cavalli Gourmet Salsas

Gourmet Salsas

Looking for something on the spicy and savory side? Try our gourmet salsas!


$10.00/jar (+ S&H)

Peach Fruit Salsa (Moderate Heat)

A special Bella Cavalli Winery blend of fruit, vegetable and Mexican peppers that will enhance all dishes and provide a moderate taste of spice and heat to perk up your food. The #1 favorite in the General Store and some say "put it on your shoe and even that'll taste good!"