Bella Cavalli Farms

Welcome to Bella Cavalli Farms...

Someone once said, and it’s been quoted many times, that “good wines are made in the vineyard.” In other words, you can chemically manipulate and creatively market almost any wine to a point of acceptance and sometimes even importance but you cannot make it a “good” wine if you don’t start with good fruit. And that’s a fact.

And that reveals in a sentence or two our “secret” here at Bella Cavalli. We know and have known for a long time that you cannot compromise on the quality of the grapes that will be made into your wine. And for this reason, we only use the premium of any fruit grown for our wines which in turn guarantees that here, at Bella Cavalli, you will receive the best of the best…a “good” wine. See for yourself.

Bella Cavalli Farms & Vineyard