Bella Cavalli Farms

A Full Service Equestrian Facility - Santa Ynez Valley - Santa Barbara County, California

Services: Lay-up, Rehabilitation & Reconditioning Center

Bella Cavalli is an advanced lay-up facility that provides complete rest and recuperation for horses engaged in physically demanding activities. In addition to the lay-up center, Bella Cavalli also provides a comprehensive program of equine rehabilitation and reconditioning.

Experience has shown that a number of thoses horses referred for and in need of R&R may also have one or more minor soft tissue problems of the extremities such as tendon and ligament injuries that may respond favorably to rehabilitation techniques. And a reconditioning program is also available for horses kept away from their usual activities for any length of time due to injuries or other reasons.

The rehabilitation and reconditioning facilities at Bella Cavalli consist of a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology including an underwater treadmill, cold and sequential pressure treatments, infrared heating blankets and pads, ultrasound imaging, electric massage units a half mile training and conditioning track and a full consulting staff including equine chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and nutrition practitioners. A nearby full service equine veterinary clinic and hospital furnishes hyperbaric therapy when needed and our staff consults and works directly with their veterinarians on medical problems. It should be understood that no treatments of any type are provided to horses in the Bella Cavalli rehabilitation program until their owners and trainers are notified and approval is obtained.

Together, the extensive resources listed above provide a professional and comprehensive lay-up facility for hard working horses that may need nothing more than a rest, but a few may have non-serious medical problems that will benefit from the equine rehabilitation and/or reconditioning program. A limited number of horses are accepted into this popular program and bookings for the Bella Cavalli Lay-up, Rehabilitation and Conditioning Center should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. You will be pleased to find the fees fair and resonable.