Bella Cavalli Farms

A Full Service Equestrian Facility - Santa Ynez Valley - Santa Barbara County, California




$ 16.00/day


$ 6.00/day

Mare Motel

$ 17.00/day

Show Barn

$ 18.00

Equine Quarantine
Includes stalling, feed & turnouts.

$ 35.00

Above includes 3 arenas, half mile conditioning track, round pens, tack room, and hot wash. Also included is full management of your horse's care, i.e. vet coordination, farrier coordination, feed specialist coordination, etc.

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Personalized Services

Tack and Go
Includes grooming, tacking and un-tacking,
after-workout wash and conditioner.

$ 45.00/each

Wash & Groom

$ 45.00/each

Blanketing (Daily, off and on)

$ 30.00/month

Blanket Washings

$ 30.00/each

Daily Turn Out (Sun Pen)

$ 8.00/day

Daily Turn Out (Pasture)

$ 8.00/day


$ 20.00/each


$ 750.00


Prices vary between programs and trainers. Clients work directly with their trainer and all billing for training services are billed by the trainer to the client.

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