Bella Cavalli Farms

A Full Service Equestrian Facility - Santa Ynez Valley - Santa Barbara County, California

Services: Stabling


Our pasturing consists of 4 pastures 150 x 800 feet in size. They have been completely refurbished with new safety fencing, underground sprinklers and planted with the latest in grazing grasses. Individual feeders have been strategically located to give your horse the privacy and safety it needs while feeding. It also allows us to individually feed each horse with a specific dietary requirement.

Mare Motel

The Mare Motel 90 x 200 feet and contains 64 stalls which are 12 x12 feet to12 x 24 feet.

Show Barn

This is one of the most beautiful in California and has been completely renovated. The architectural theme is Rustic French Country and it has been outfitted with the latest in safety equipment. The walkways are 5/8 inch rubber flooring inlaid and patterned for slip and fall safety. The stalls are 12 x 13 feet, are also equipped with the rubber flooring and security cameras are present in each stall.